"Art Meets Apolo" collaborative project between LAB36, Screen Projects and Apolo

"Art Meets Apolo" collaborative project between LAB36, Screen Projects and Apolo

Clubbing and art, two different worlds that can’t work together? Starting today, we prove you the opposite!

The launch of the multidisciplinary exhibition project A.M.A. (ART MEETS APOLO) is an initiative of SALA APOLO and has counted with the collaboration of LAB36 and Screen Projects. It is a proposal that aims to establish a dialogue between two different fields of human expression, as well as a means to open the doors to creativity and give visibility to renowned non-musical artists and young emerging talents. A joint desire to share local know-how in a non-conformist way, through a new approach to art presented in an environment diametrically opposed to that of traditional galleries. An encounter between an environment associated with observation and immobility and an environment associated with chaos and agitation.

A.M.A is a collaborative project that will allow the Apollo public to appreciate the artistic proposals that will immerse the music club in an atmosphere chosen by the artist.

Throughout 2023, multidisciplinary artists will take turns to parade through Apolo’s halls, offering very different artistic interpretations…

"Accumbens" - Installation by Pedro Torres 

The first talent to inaugurate this season is visual artist Pedro Torres, who experiments with the concept of time, distance, memory and language. His video installation ‘Accumbens’ will be presented on devices based on the persistence of vision.

“Psychoflage” - Installation by Monica Rikić

This proposal will be followed by Monica Rikić, who focuses her artistic practice on creative coding and electronics with an aerial installation that blends technology and philosophy with the aim of triggering collective reflection. Monica exhibited at LAB36 with her show "Alternative Technologies" in June 2022 during the ISEA Festival.

Instalación artística de globos inchables Monica Ricick en Sala Apolo
Works by Monica Rikić for her installation at Sala Apolo.

She pairs her electronics with non-digital objects to contrive a medley of inventions, from robotic installations to handmade electronic devices. Rikic sets aside the component of purpose and instead uses her technological skills to reimagine modern art. Rikic’s creative genius will be showcased at Apolo.

Her exhibition “Psychoflage” is a series of multicolored inflatable electronic air modules influenced by an AI system that senses people in the room and changes their behavior, constantly reversing their air flow and transforming their interior light. What was once recognized as a hallway becomes a portal to a psychedelic fantasy world.

"Apolo Paradís Artificial" - Installation by Jordi Gispert Pi

Jordi Gispert Pi is also no stranger to sharing his artwork at Lab36, as we recently featured his exhibit “Paradís Artificial” at the start of 2023.

Instalación artística en Apolo (Art Meets Apolo) de Jordi Gispert Pi

Works by Jordi Gispert Pi for his installation at Sala Apolo

Now, his sculptural installation, “Apolo Paradís Artificial,” will be exhibited at the Apolo in collaboration for Art Meets Apolo. His installation is composed of 10 bas-reliefs of recycled beaten aluminum, surrounded by a tricolored stainless steel mesh and framed by a string of LED lights. The multidisciplinary artist has used his artworks as a key in the exploration of humans’ intrinsic draw to technological creations and the ways in which we think about natural artificiality, and ultimately are attracted to the beautiful creations that it succumbs to.

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