Paradís Artificial

Jordi Gispert Pi

20.02.2023 - 07.04.2023

The project deals with artificiality, as an extension of the idea of art. Artificial Paradise refers to the attraction of the human being for the product of his technical work, extensively for a possible biomechanical future.

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"Artificial Paradise" is a work that formalizes the attraction of the human being for the brightness of artificiality. The biped has specialized in the construction of technological tools.

A gadget improves on its predecessor, instituting the artificial culture in which we are immersed. The whole society lives immersed in an artificial world which we accept with naturalness.  We are immersed in artificial paradigms that lead us to biotechnology.

The work abstractly presents this fascination, the skin of the machine, as a reflection of light on the object. The material manipulated is aluminum, a synthetic metal made from bauxite powder.

The exhibition takes place in 8 different formats, in an atmosphere of festive artificiality? What is not artificial in the exhibition room? Perhaps still the body of the observer.

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Jordi Gispert Pi

Born in Barcelona (1957), Jordi studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes Sant Jordi, Barcelona.

His work develops Visual Ecology, which artistically invokes the care of the landscape as an environment. He explores the paradigms of knowledge to achieve self-content and the utopian perspective of a possible world.

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