Sergio Mora


Sergio Mora (Barcelona, 1975), is a painter, illustrator, and strip cartoonist. He is the winner of the Latin Grammy for Best Design 2016 for "El poeta Halley" by Love of Lesbian. Recently, he designed the murals in the Bazaar Mar restaurant, with Head Chef José Andrés, presented by Philippe Starck in Miami. In 2017, he collaborated again with Starck and José Andrés to introduce a second restaurant in Park Avenue, and also in Mercado Little Spain in New York.

Sergio Mora is the author of various books, including the standouts "Typical Spanglish" (2013), "El niño Rock" (2014), and "Amazing Art de Magicomora" (2016). He lives in Barcelona.

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Sergio Mora is a bold, incisive, psychotropic and colorful kaleidoscope, born in Barcelona in 1975, the city where he is formed (School of Arts and Crafts, La Llotja), lives, paints, experiences, plays and creates. If we look at the world through their eyes, as insightful as they are utopian, we discover a brilliant mythology that mixes those icons with which each and every one of us feels in some way identified, with the fantastic and spectacular, the surprising and illusory. Multidisciplinary artist where they exist, her prolific work transports us to subversive worlds, of beautiful monsters and monstrous fantasies, in any of its aspects: painting, illustration, video, comic and performance, among others. His personal artistic decalogue and above all his pictorial idiosyncrasy have made him the greatest exponent of Pop Surrealism in the peninsula, leading him to expose internationally, edit books, publish in numerous magazines, carry out advertising campaigns and countless other collaborations. Magicomora hooks the viewer through an illusionist's imaginary, making him live a visual experience that will remain perennial in his subconscious. A symbolic imaginary that has been deeply rooted, since his work cannot be separated from himself, as a camouflaged and chameleonic secondary actor, in that fiction.


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