Mina Hamada

21.05.2022 - 24. 07.2022

The artist of Japanese origins continues to develop her artistic language, and presents us with a universe of colors and shapes, signaling her identity. On both circular and rectangular canvases Hamada utilizes dynamism and movement to create a dialogue of geometric games, characteristic of her work

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Mina’s work, which took another dimension when it landed on the streets of Barcelona, is characterized by harmonizing the plasticity and intensity of colors and organic forms.

Due to this unique dimensionality, she is at present one of the greatest representatives of international urban art. Hamada harmonizes the plasticity and intensity of colors and organic forms in her works, and through her playful balancing of the harshness of the streets, coupled with the softness, emotion, and rhythms of her works, she breaks up the brutality of the everyday landscape.

Hamada´s works and murals invite us into a dream world, combining the East and the West, a young spirit and a deep philosophy. The artist works through self-reflection to investigate painting using unconscious and improvisational techniques.

The titles of her works, in Japanese, Spanish, and English, reflect this poetic self-analysis and refer to her own identity and the exchanges between the cultures that she embodies. In "Transitions", Hamada’s gaze illuminates multiple elements, both abstract and figurative, and creates a new land of colors, shapes, and energies. 

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Mina Hamada

Visual artist of Japanese origin based in Barcelona since late 2009.

Her work focuses on painting, installation and murals; in recent years she has painted her mural work in several cities around the world such as Europe, United States, Latin America and Asia.

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