Tocar el món

Norbert Bilbeny

14.03.2022 - 01.04.2022

Norbert Bilbeny shows us his work as a painter, a practice he has been practicing for many years although he is not known for this profession.

The paintings with all the material, physical and abstract intention, with the strength of color and textures can suggest landscapes, moments or light. The artist tells us that the work of art is due to the pleasure of beauty because it is also the pleasure of making it and contemplating it.

"Tocar el món" is also the title of a brief essay on painting in which Bilbeny brings us closer to his work by making an essential journey through the art and craft of painting.

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"In my painting I pretend perhaps the impossible: beauty. For me, beauty is the goodness that
goodness that enters through the senses. To believe, and to make believe, persuading with a painted surface, that in the world there are more things worthy of admiration than of denunciation and condemnation. And wanting a beautiful world is already a way of manifesting the hope of a good and just world.

"Beauty is perfect justice," writes Camus in his Carnés. Among these senses, sight is fundamental, but touch is the final station. Touch the world, embrace it, and melt us, through these textures of color and dream, offered to the retina by a painting always, inevitably, imperfect, but enchanted."

- Norbert Bilbeny

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Norbert Bilbeny

As a philosopher, Norbert Bilbeny (Barcelona, 1953) is Professor of Ethics and lecturer at the University of Barcelona, where he coordinates a master's degree on citizenship and human rights. He has written more than 30 books, the last published on Alzheimer's disease "La enfermedad del olvido" and has received the Anagrama Prize and the Josep Pla Prize.

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