Estructura Radicular

Alicia Gimeno

Art Nou 2022 - 16.07.2022 - 29.07.2022

The pieces examine, from pictorial and material observation and experimentation how it can convey lightness as well as strength, balance or chaos, with the core of my work really being a fascination with the possibilities of abstract form and its subtlety in the presentation of sensitive concepts.

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Each work is a fragment of a single root system, of a single metaphorical tree representing humanity itself.

Thus, all the works, whether exhibited in this show or not, are connected to each other, betting on a concept of union, a globalization well understood in tune with empathy and respect as one race. We are one people with a common destiny. The integration of economies and cultures, the growing communication and interdependence of every corner of the planet has been part of our reality for years. But this global character of growth must be approached from the perspective of union without extinguishing the brilliance that each culture brings with it. It is not a matter of a homogeneous fusion of peoples, but of a support based on a conscious common core as humanity. Globalization is a dynamic process produced by the society that has brought us the information revolution, and with it, the freedom of knowledge, of communication, an openness to the world in which the Internet has everything to do with. 

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Alicia Gimeno

Her works -both visual and sculptural- explore the expressive possibilities of form and line in relation to their context.

Currently, Alicia resides in Barcelona. In 2022, has presented exhibitions Solo Show in Arie Art Agency (Geneva, Switzerland), Estructura Radicular at LAB36 (Barcelona, Spain) and lV Colectiva Arte Emergente at Mombo Art Gallery in Sevilla.

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