Materia Sincera

Oscar Abraham Pabón

Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Opening. 14.09.2023 - 19:00 h

In Materia Sincera, the artist explores the constructive materiality of the city as an aesthetic and conceptual problem in the contemporary city, a tradition inherited from the history of architecture and modern urbanism that the artist observes from the present moment.

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The idea of white as a search for both physical and spiritual purity is contrasted with the red of terracotta. Taking clay brick as a poor and sincere material, a body of work is developed that establishes relationships with art, the city and memory. Against this backdrop, the white walls of the gallery become part of the story that aims to show what these walls conceal. Brick becomes the common thread where the problems and concerns of art and architecture meet: ornament, decoration, emptiness, the rational and the baroque enter into a constant dialogue and tension.

For his exhibition Materia Sincera, Oscar Abraham Pabón presents a selection of 19 works. One of them, "Composition with line #5, 220 cm in diameter, brings together fragments of brick, the main material of the exhibition, which form a new architecture. The artist also presents paintings on canvas, geometries that evoke urban plans. The exhibition invites the public to participate actively in the discovery of works that evolve according to the viewer's approach.

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Oscar Abraham Pabón

Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. His work combines sculpture and architecture and focuses on public space.

He has exhibited in galleries in the United States, Latin America and Europe, and his works can be found in numerous international collections such as PAMM (Miami), Contemporany Art Museum (Chile) and CPPC (New York).

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