Marina Capdevila

Painting - Mural art - Installation

Spanish visual artist based in Barcelona.

She has stood out since her beginnings with a personal, original, and distinctive artistic language that stands out among the more common aesthetics of Street Art. She usually works on two mediums, paper and murals, and her artworks can be found in America, Europe, and Asia.



Marina Capdevila is a renowned Spanish artist known for her playful portraits of the elderly in candid festive moments

From public space to studio works, Capdevila’s artistic style is characterized by her vibrant exaggerations which provoke the familiar and the humorous. Her artworks often explore themes of identity, death, and the human experience, inviting viewers to engage in a profound reflection on the complexities of existence. With her Grandmother as muse, she challenges conventions of beauty, gender and age to deconstruct negative stereotypes.

She employs a diverse range of techniques, including painting, drawing, and mixed media, to create captivating visual narratives that resonate with audiences on a deep and personal level. Beyond her artistic practice, Capdevila is committed to fostering creativity and respect for her narratives within the community. She frequently participates in workshops and art education initiatives, sharing her knowledge and energy to inspire others.

We can find her murals in places around the world as Florida, New York, California, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Croatia. She has exhibited original artworks in galleries from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oackland, Denver, New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid



> 2023. Falta Gel. Galeria LAB36, Barcelona, Spain
> 2016. Oldie But Goldie. Domina Domna Art Space, Bergamo, Italy
> 2015. Never Too Late For A First Date. Miscelanea Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
> 2014. Smokers. Basis Art Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands


> 2020. B Local. B Murals, Barcelona, Spain
> 2020. Ready Steady Young. Furiosa Gallery, Madrid, Spain
> 2020. Change Is A Team Sport. B Murals, Barcelona, Spain
> 2020. Out Of Touch. Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, United States
> 2019. Murs Lliures. Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
> 2019. Galeria Balneario Group. The Source, Denver, United States
> 2018. Impecable Bunch. Go Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
> 2018. Lately. First Amendemnt Gallery, San Francisco, United States
> 2017. Ashurst Emerging Artist Space. Good Mother Gallery, Oakland, United States
> 2017. Happy. 19 Karen Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia
> 2017. 2nd Annual 4%Ers. Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, United States
> 2016. Human. Wayco Artspace, Valencia, Spain
> 2016. London Illustration Fair. Hoxton Arches, Londres, United Kingdom
> 2016. Weart. Transforma Bcn, Barcelona, Spain
> 2016. The Story Of The Creative. See | Exhibition Space, New York, United States
> 2016. Fresh And Fun. Plastic Murs Gallery, Valencia, Spain
> 2015. Barcelona Drawing City. Galerie Le Marais, Paris, France


> 2022. Junceda Public Space Award
> 2019. Pinzell Cuixart/ Primer Premio. Barcelona, Spain
> 2017. Ñh Awards/ Segundo Premio. Madrid, Spain


> Shine Festival - St. Pete/ Florida
> Murart - Ontinyent/ Valencia
> Ourtowns - Basildon/ United Kingdom
> Borgo Universe - Aelli/ Italy
> Cidade De Cor - Vigo/ Spain
> Cura Festival - Belo Horizonte/ Brasil
> The Raw Project - Miami/ Florida
> Paseo Pionero Festival – Cancun / Mexico
> The Crystal Ship - Oostende/ Belgium
> Delasfest - Galicia/ Spain
> Vision Art Festival - Crans Montana/ Switzerland
> Vukovart - Vukovar/ Croatia
> Estau Festival - Estarreja/ Portugal
> Meeting Of Street Art - Ciudad Del Carmen/ Mexico
> Rexenera Fest – Galicia/ Spain
> Via Vai Project - Torre San Giovanni/Italy Torre San Giovanni/ Italy
> Desvelarte - Santander/ Spain
> Wynwood Embassy - Miami/Florida Miami/ Florida
> Domina Domna - Bergamo/ Italy
> Open Walls - Barcelona/ Spain
> Gar Gar - Penelles/ Spain