Losing Touch

Madison Tyrell

14.09.2023 - 10.11.2023

The work exposed in Losing Touch aims to capture the interplay between self-disintegration found in the transformative power of nature, serving as a testament to the profound connection between human existence and the natural environment. Tyrell utilizes natural elements to express these emotions, evoking a sense of transcendence and introspection.

The encountered environments may confront and challenge familiar emotions, establishing a contrast between one's personal aspirations and the anticipated solace found within nature's refuge. Losing Touch delves into the realm of self-discovery, intertwining the human essence with the ethereal voice of the surrounding landscapes. Through this work, Tyrell seeks to forge a profound connection between raw emotions and the familiarity found in the power of the natural setting.

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Madison Tyrell, 2023

My Artwork is an investigation between our surrounding landscape and how it's linked through inextricable means to all aspects of our existence. I am working to document the unseen.

I have always had an obsession with the nature and the espiritual connection we inherently share with it. A part of this turned into an investigation into how we create and occupy new spaces along side the natural world. The duality of sensations between creation and the imposed.

My latest work is an attempt to express the more natural side of our connection. To morph and continue these elements into their settings. Highlighting this ethereal sensation between what we see, and what we feel. The nature of our reality has such a grip on my mind. I often find myself to be a spectator to the wonders of our world. Perceiving moments of space and time that are slipping between our everyday surroundings.

A more helpful example of this could be given by that of the ocean. Witnessing an instance of water lapping the shore. I become mentally bent by this subtle presentation in front of me whilst feeling this inconceivable grandeur and energy behind it. There is a force between the water, earth and air that can’t be seen, but certainly felt.

Perhaps the unseen for me could best be described as trying to decipher these mysterious moments between the self and the universe, where one can undoubtably feel an instinctual connection between all orgànic matter. It exists between our fibers, like the space between links of a chain. I hope to bring viewers into a new state of reflection. To provide a space where one can question their perceptions and see where that freedom can take them.

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Madison Tyrell

Visual artist who explores the connection between the human being and nature.

Currently, she is working abroad in Barcelona where her work was included in the Nasevo FEV Foundacion, and exhibited in the Casa Vicens Gaudí.

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