Fase lunar 1. Acrylic on wood. 90cm diameter. 2022

On both circular and rectangular canvases Hamada utilizes dynamism and movement to create a dialogue of geometric games, characteristic of her work

Transition 1.Acrylic on canvas. 146x114cm. 2022
UMI2.Acrylic on canvas.120x120cm 2021
UMI. Acrylic on canvas.120x120cm 2021
transition 2. Acrylic on canvas. 146x114cm. 2022
Transition 3.Acrylic on canvas. 146x114cm. 2022
Mina Hamada
Fase Lunar 2.Acrylic on wood. 90cm diameter. 2022
Fase Lunar 3. Acrylic on wood. 90cm diameter. 2022
Fase Lunar 4. Acrylic on wood. 90cm diameter. 2022



In Transition, Hamada’s gaze illuminates multiple elements, both abstract and figurative, and creates a new land of colors, shapes, and energies. 



Mina Hamada, born in Louisina, USA, grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2009. She studied art in Japan, where she had her first painting exhibitions and published storybooks with her drawings and illustrations. 

Upon his arrival in Barcelona in late 2009, he discovered urban art in a city where the movement is highly developed and began experimenting with large-scale murals. At the end of 2011, collaborations arise with the artist Zosen for the realization of large murals, these projects will make her travel around the world and participate in numerous Mural Festivals and exhibitions.

Since then, Mina’s work is exhibited in art galleries, institutions and public spaces throughout Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia and is part of numerous collections.

Photography: Carlos Hernández