Viewing Room

MINA HAMADA : Transition

In Mina Hamada´s series Transition, produced for LAB 36, the artist of Japanese origins continues to develop her artistic language, and presents us with a universe of colors and shapes, signaling her identity.

Mina Hamada, born in Louisina, USA, grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2009. She studied art in Japan, where she had her first painting exhibitions and published storybooks with her drawings and illustrations. 

XAVI BOU : Ornitografias

Xavi Bou (El Prat del Llobregat, 1979). This geologist and photographer, in love with nature since he was a child, was looking for animal tracks the day he imagined what trail the birds would leave with their movement if the air allowed it.

Since then, he developed the technique of capturing multiple photos in just a few seconds to overlay them into a single image. Eureka! And this is how today he shows all over the world the drawing that the birds paint when they move. It is not a conceptual project but an aesthetic one, which tries to inspire the viewer and captivate him with a hidden beauty. Its purpose, to bring art and nature closer and motivate those who contemplate his work to value and connect with their closest environment.

BEA SARRIAS: ¡Bienvenidos a La Ricarda!

Bea Sarrias since the last decade has being painting in numerous occasions La Ricarda allowing her to know all the places depths and stories behind the place.

She has developed the majority of her work in Barcelona, where she studied Fine Arts and soon became interested in architecture and the portrayal of iconic spaces. Her work, based on the Works of important Spanish and international architects, has received various mentions due to her virtuous handling of light and shadowing technique.