SWAB 2022

Lab 36 invites you to meet our artists:


Xavi Bou (El Prat del Llobregat, 1979). This geologist and photographer, in love with nature since he was a child, was looking for animal tracks the day he imagined what trail the birds would leave with their movement if the air allowed it.

Since then, he developed the technique of capturing multiple photos in just a few seconds to overlay them into a single image. Eureka! And this is how today he shows all over the world the drawing that the birds paint when they move. It is not a conceptual project but an aesthetic one, which tries to inspire the viewer and captivate him with a hidden beauty. Its purpose, to bring art and nature closer and motivate those who contemplate his work to value and connect with their closest environment.


Master in plastic arts Madrigal explores diverse ways of manipulating objects and materials. He has challenged gravity – not only the physical but also the visual balance as well as the conventionality of the artistic supports. He works with shapes and objects that we can recognize in our daily life, but when we relate them with others arbitrarily, they resignify and radically change our perception of them. 

Among his awards are highlighted, belonging to the National System of Creators of Mexico 2015-2018 and 2011-2014, Residency at the Banff Center, FONCA, Alberta Canada, Residency at the Basilisk Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Residency at the Bilbao Art Center, Bilbao Spain, Fellow of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) 2004 2005, Honorable Mention Second National Biennial of Visual Arts of Yucatan, Acquisition Award 3 era. Puebla De Los Angeles Biennial


From an early age, drawing and painting were relevant in the development of the artist, since during most of her career she has examined the realistic representation from the graphite, pencil, charcoal, etc., to the very end of her career.

She studied in Mexico, in an environment with a main focus on graphic arts, and thus, she was able to train in aesthetics, composition, philosophy of art… After graduating, she studied curatorship, while initiating and directing an artistic project in the city of Puebla de Zaragoza (Mexico).

After three years directing the project he returned to his hometown, where he worked for a curator organizing projects in the Capella and other parts of the city. Subsequently, she worked in the management of Piramidón center d’art contemporani.