Miguel Ángel Madrigal

Los espacios de Barcelona

Miguel Ángel Madrigal opens the season at Lab 36 with his new series of sculptures. The Mexican artist focuses his research on architectural observation and exploration. Thanks to an insightful analysis, Madrigal materializes his gaze, built from a sensorial perception of spaces, in three-dimensional works. Through an elegant sculptural language, the artist explores the multiple possibilities of dialogue between volumes and forms – sources of inspiration for him – to reflect on the relationship between bodies and environments.

Ciudad de noche 1, 2, 3. Ink jet printing 3/3 100 x 70, 2 cm. 2021

In Madrigal’s works, the body does not only occupy a physical space, but is constructed in relation to the environment in which it is inserted. His installations and works reflect on our relationship with the urban environment, a space that is unnoticed in our daily lives, and with which we do not develop a sensitive experience that transcends the passing moment. It is the «non-place» of everyday life.

For this exhibition, the Mexican artist was inspired by the most representative buildings of Barcelona. The project was born from the need to walk through the city and abstract the sensations and emotions generated by walking the streets. In the artist’s own words, «the gaze is filled with intimate spaces that we want to appropriate at every second and with every step».

Audiovisual pieces

The three-dimensional pieces reproduce, through a set of stairs, columns and slopes, the characteristics of these places. Madrigal plays with architectural trompe l’oeil to build illusory spaces that emerge from the dialogue between light and form. In front of his works, we become the protagonists, invited to enter them to walk through their labyrinths and get to know them intimately, to inhabit them.

Recuerdos de estar 2. Acrylic and enamel 50x 80 x 40 cm. 2021
Ciudad en el recuerdo 1. Acrylic and enamel. 95x 65 cm. 2021
Ciudad en el recuerdo 5. Acrylic and enamel. 95x 65cm .2021

The works of Miguel Ángel Madrigal materialize the sensitive memory of the city and invite us to inhabit these new worlds created by the artist.

Eco.Acrylic led light and enamel installation. 50 x 20 x 300 cm. 2021