Laia Noal

Nasevo Award 2021 winner


Poetics of destruction

Poetics of destruction is a project in which I reflect on the relationship humans maintain with nature through the landscape, exploring how we we perceive, represent, fragment, artificialize and destroy it.

When we are presented with the word landscape, we usually imagine a natural landscape in a horizontal and static format. But the term landscape includes all kinds of landscapes: natural, industrial, urban, underwater and even cosmic.

On the other hand, neither the landscape nor our perception are static. Light activates the landscape, constantly transforms it. Our perception can only capture fragments of this perpetual transformation and it does so through all the senses, not just view, and at human scale, recording all the details of the landscape. This multiple, macro, micro and multisensorial perception leads to the creation of a landscape of one’s own, involving images, temperatures, textures, smells and, to a lesser extent, tastes as well.

This leads me to reflect on how landscape can be perceived and represented and approach it in different ways. Verticalizing it, working on the basis of fragmentation involving elements that are present in the landscape, artificializing it and searching for the seed of the Future in destruction.



Laia Noal’s work revolves around the investigation of our relationship with nature, focusing on the construction we make of the landscape and the dialogue we establish with the environment.
How we constantly intervene and influence it, thus generating tensions between what we consider natural and what we classify as artificial. She is especially interested in how these tensions condition the way our bodies relate to other bodies and to space. And how in a hyperconnected and hypercommunicated world, that moves at full speed towards artificiality in all fields, these elements expand giving rise to new relationships and behaviors.
Fragility, vulnerability, resistance, adaptability, balance, the ineffable, divisions, cracks, binary and complementary elements are constant in her work. Working in a multidisciplinary way, through different plastic languages including sculpture, painting, installations, sound art, drawing and photography, Noal is drawing and interweaving works that reflect on these ideas.