“Bienvenidos a La Ricada” (Welcome to the Ricarda” is intended to be an open window from Lab 36 by Galeria Senda to the house and its surroundings. A celebration of a way to understand and embrace culture, which has always been portrayed by the welcoming spirit of the Ricarda. The bright and cheerful colors of the paintings pay a festive tribute to La Ricarda and textures of the audiovisuals show us her skin, the richness of the materials that compose her and her natural environment.

“Bienvenidos a La Ricarda” is intended to be an immersive experience, a guided tour that transmits emotions similar to the produced when visiting the house. Painting and audiovisual come together and complement each other to offer a complete portrait of a truly special and unique place. A place that in addition to being an architectural jewel recognized throughout the world holds the story of a family, a way of perceiving life and culture.

Currently 2021, the year that has been designated as a National Cultural Asset, is being seriously compromised by the possible expansion of Barcelona’s airport. Which seem an ideal moment to vindicate, celebrate and pay tribute to the existence of La Ricarda.


Bea Sarrias – Entrada en azul cobalto,  2021,  acrylic on linen, 120 x 120 cm

4100 EUR

Bea Sarrias – La Ricarda Reflejada 02,  2021,  mix media on linen, 120 x 120 cm

4100 EUR

Bea Sarrias – Verano Retro,  2021,  acrylic on linen, 50 x 50 cm

1700 EUR

Bea Sarrias – Temps de lectura,  2021,  acrylic on linen, 120 x 120 cm

4100 EUR


Iconic building and place of pilgrimage for architects and design lovers, La Ricarda (Casa Gomis) is more than just a house. It is the house that Ricardo Gomis and Inés Bertrand commissioned to the architect Antoni Bonet Castellana, between 1949 and 1963, in a natural reserve in the Delta of the Llobregat River, an idyllic landscape among pines, dunes and the sea.

This rationalist jewel with a modular structure, ascribed to the principles of Le Corbusier, attentive to the smallest detail in terms of design and applied arts (furniture, glass or ceramics), is the result of long work and intense complicity between the architect (exiled in Buenos Aires in those years) and the engineer and music lover Gomis, who maintained an extensive and documented correspondence relationship for the development of the project.

With the passing of time, in addition to the family’s summer home, La Ricarda became a sort of cultural hub that held numerous concerts, dance, theater or poetry shows, hosting prominent figures such as John Cage, Antoni Tàpies, Miró, Brossa, Joan Prats, Mestres Quadreny, Carlos Santos, amongst others. A glanze of color and avant-garde culture in the gray post-war panorama.

Currently, the second Gomis generation preserves and cares for the house, displays and promotes it, unrestful to preserve the rich architectural and cultural heritage, amongst the actual threat of an airport expansion that aims to take over this precious estate.


Bea Sarrias since the last decade has being painting in numerous occasions La Ricarda allowing her to know all the places depths and stories behind the place.

She has developed the majority of her work in Barcelona, where she studied Fine Arts and soon became interested in architecture and the portrayal of iconic spaces. Her work, based on the Works of important Spanish and international architects, has received various mentions due to her virtuous handling of light and shadowing technique.

Among her most recent projects is the large dimension painting that she live painted in 2019 at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Shortly after, she carried out an artist residency at Mana Contemporary, New York, where she worked on mark that architect J.L Sert left on the city. 

She has held various exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels and Oslo. Currently she works on a series of new exhibition projects and artistic residencies.


Morrosko Vila-San-Juan is a filmmaker. Born in Barcelona and graduated in Philosophy and Letters, he has a long career as a filmmaker and journalist. He has written, directed and produced numerous documentaries as well as video pieces.

He regularly collaborates with different televisions (TVE, TV3, Betevé), institutions and art centers (CCCB, MACBA, Fabra i Coats), as well as with digital and print media, He also gives audiovisual lectures at various universities.

Together with Bea Sarrias, he has produced audiovisual pieces inspired by iconic architectures, such as “A day at the Ricarda” (selected at the Festival Loop Barcelona), “La Cima de Coderch (an unfulfilled dream)”, presented at Barcelona Design Week, or Miró-Sert-Gomis. The Light in the artist’s workshop, an exhibition and audiovisual project still in development.


Bea Sarrias – Welcome to La Ricarda!  2021, acrylic on linen, 100 x 180 cm

4800 EUR


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