III Nasevo Award

The Nasevo Award was born as a mission to give importance to the sense of smell, teaching to smell through art. The mission of The Ernesto Ventós Foundation is totally linked to the will of its founder. “NASEVO” was the alias of Ernesto Ventós Omedes. The use of the word nose in catalan (nas) as an artistic nickname, accompanying the author’s initials, gives us a first clue to the importance of this appendix to him. For this reason, the Foundation wants to highlight the importance of this sense in our lives through this award. It is a search to generate connections between art, science and technology through olfactory memory. Smell is taken further, being an object and source of creative inspiration. 

The call for this award is open at an international level and aimed at artists, students and artistic groups –or from other disciplines– interested in the world of smell. The general technique of this exhibition is free, always based on an olfactory memory in two-dimensional formats (minimum 50 x 50 cm – maximum 100 x 100 cm). The award seeks to delve into the sense of smell as a tool and instrument to deepen our most intimate self, our emotions and thus connect with memories and lived experiences.

III Edition contestants

Alejandro Martínez García

Mientras tanto…, 2021

Mixed (acrylic, spray, oil)

90 x 100cm

Lucrecia de Fazio

Jardín (1,2), 2021

Ink printing on cotton paper

68 x 48cm

José Bonell

El perfumista, 2021

Oil on canvas

73 x 60cm

Gerard Torres

Landscape 7, 2021

Collage of paint and spray on linen in methacrylate box

92 x 65cm

Edu Fernández

El episodio de la magdalena proustiana narrado con emojis, 2021

Markers on glossy paper

74 x 55cm

David Vimar

Los que no se olvidan, 2021

Digital collage, printing on 100% cotton paper

50 x 60cm

Jorge Isla

Le Reflet, 2021

Assembling mobile screens on pine wood

60 x 60cm

Héctor Prats

Claro, húmedo, vetusto, opaco, 2021

Graphite, unpigmented acrylic and encaustic emulsion on board

60 x 100cm

Viktor Kucheruk

La Peste, 2021

Enamel on canvas

100 x 100cm

Madison Tyrell

The Backyard, 2021

Oil on canvas

100 x 100cm

Juan Ortiz

La Guanabana, 2021

Colored pencils on cotton paper

76 x 56,5cm

Laia Noal

Paisatge fragmentat (I, II, III) 2021

Mixed on methacrylate

52.8 x 68.3 x 4cm

Sara Bonache

Archaeology, 2021

Pastel on paper

70 x 50cm

Alícia Vogel

All these unexpected journeys (to all these treasured moments), 2021

Mixed media (Canson Mitients 160 gr. paper)

65 x 50cm

Adrià Gamero

Intus et in cute, 2021

Collage and drawing. Graphite pencil, DinA3 graph paper and printing

90.5 x 98 x 6.5 cm

Marina Deana Lladó

Sinestesia, 2021