Entrada de la exposición "BCN BXL. Más allá del tiempo" de los artistas Bea Sarrias y Morrosko Vila-San-Juan en MINIM Madrid

“BCN-BXL. Coderch – De Koninck. Beyond Time” an exhibition by Bea Sarrias and Morrosko Vila-San-Juan at MINIM Madrid

MINIM Madrid opened the exhibition ‘BCN-BXL. Coderch – De Koninck. Beyond Time’ by Bea Sarrias, an artist represented by LAB36, and Morrosko Vila-San-Juan on February 22, 2023. The exhibition is dedicated to the rationalist architecture of José Antonio Coderch and Louis Herman De Koninck. It is presented at the MINIM design store showroom in Madrid until April 1.

See here all the artworks of Bea Sarria’s exhibition

About the exhibition ‘BCN-BXL. Coderch – De Koninck. Beyond Time’

The exhibition brings together a total of 28 canvases, drawings, and sketches by Bea Sarrias, in collaboration with LAB 36 (Galeria Senda), and a documentary directed by Morrosko Vila-San-Juan that shows the inhabitants of some iconic buildings of the two architects. The exhibition is an invitation to reflect on the work of José Antonio Coderch and Louis Herman De Koninck, two architects who, although belonging to different generations, expressed the same way of understanding light, time, and space.

The quiet hour” Coderch House, Coderch
50×50 cm

The Barcelona artist Bea Sarrias, known for her portraits of iconic buildings and her impeccable technique in capturing the geometries, lights, and shadows of architecture, establishes a connection between the simple, functional, and symmetrical geometry of both architects in this exhibition. Through the pictorial work of Sarrias and the documentary directed by Morrosko Vila-San-Juan, visitors can get an idea of what it means to live in an iconic house designed by Coderch or De Koninck.

The documentary contextualizes the connection between the work of the two architects, establishing an unusual dialogue through the testimony of the inhabitants of the houses of both architects. The viewer can learn more about how these two architects worked for the bourgeoisie of their time, understanding their needs well and contributing to the creation of a social and daily imaginary that still endures.

Full Documentary

About the artists Bea Sarrias and Morrosco Vila-San-Juan

Bea Sarrias and Morrosco Vila-San-Juan started a joint project years ago that documents her pictorial work through his film recordings. ‘BCN-BXL. Coderch – De Koninck. Beyond Time’ is their latest work together. The exhibition premiered at the artistic center of La Vallee in Brussels, at the Martin’s Atelier gallery, and at the Spain Arts & cent LAB space in Belgium, and now premieres at MINIM Madrid. Also, they have collaborated on the project “Working Mies” with LAB36.

In short, ‘BCN-BXL. Coderch – De Koninck. Beyond Time’ is an exhibition that combines the pictorial work of Bea Sarrias with the documentary directed by Morrosko Vila-San-Juan. A unique opportunity to reflect on the work of two architects who left an enduring legacy in rationalist architecture and who still today remain a source of inspiration for many architects and artists.

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