Victoria Ioudina

Audiovisual - Videoart

Victoria Ioudina, born 1999 in Barcelona, is a film graduate of the university ESCAC (University of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia). In 2022 she made her debut as a director with Hitomi, a project consisting of a hybrid between a short film and a video art piece integrated into an art installation. This project was exposed at LAB36 and participated at LOOP Festival.

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Victoria’s goal as an audiovisual creator is to find new ways of viewing and making films, as well as to share her aesthetic sensitivity through interactive art. From now on, Victoria Ioudina will continue exploring new methods, codes, and languages of artistic cinematographic and video expression through projects that stand out for innovation, interaction with the public, and aesthetic sensibility.

In 2021, Victoria was part of the short film "The Silent Cry of the Trees" as the production director. This film is her Final Degree Project and is notable for being filmed in a vertical format. The short film is currently in distribution.

She debuted as a director with "Hitomi" in 2022. This project was exhibited at LAB36 and presented at the LOOP Festival.


> 2022. Film Graduate. ESCAC (University of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia)
> 2022. Director of "Hitomi"- Film and art installation. LAB36 Gallery, Barcelona. Spain.
> 2021. Production director of "The Silent Cry of the Trees"