Raymond Gaston

Painting - Sculpture

American artist Raymond Gaston based in Barcelona

He began an exhibition career in 2016, bringing his expertise to the art world and asserting his style. He approaches art with his own vision, dealing with thought-provoking subjects. The artist exploits several forms of artistic expression, including audiovisual and theatrical creations.

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Born in Charlottesville in 1981, he began studying art in 2004 in Baltimore at Goucher College and then continued this path by joining the University of Barcelona, Producció i Recerca Artística En 2022.

In 2016, he began his exhibition career in the United States with several exhibitions in California in Glendale and Los Angeles until 2018. After living in Los Angeles, he moved to Barcelona and continued to develop his art and share it in Europe by exhibiting his work in multiple galleries in Barcelona and Gothenburg between 2018 and 2022. In addition to his love of art, Raymond has worked in professional film, television and theater production since the age of 18.

Since then, he continues his artistic production with exhibitions in private galleries and brings his know-how, asserting his style and vision of art in artistic series that reflect a real reflection and innovative perspective that make his art unique.



> 2023. Thanks but I’ve got my own. Gallery LAB36, Barcelona, Spain.
> 2018. Toward an Inevitable Ending, Estudio Nomada, Barcelona Spain.
> 2017. Editorial, Lunch Ticket, Just a Suit.
> 2016. Brand 44, Brand Gallery, Glendale, CA


> 2022. Collapse, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona. Spain.
> 2022. Ñapa, Facultat de Belles Arts, Barcelona. Spain.
> 2022. El Rizoma Treu el Cap, Fundació Felícia Fuster, Barcelona. Spain.
> 2021. Universidad de Barcelona MFA, Aula Miro
> 2019. Atelje Studio 2, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden.
> 2018. Open Studios, Blue Pocket Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
> 2017. 1922, Dandelion and Burdock Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
> 2017. Office Hours, Main Museum Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.


> 2019. Artist in residence, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden.
> 2018. Artist in residence, Mas Els Igols, Barcelona, Spain.


> 2022. MFA, Producció i Recerca Artística, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain.
> 2012. MFA, Creative Writing, Antioch University, Culver City, CA.
> 2004. BA, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD.