About the silence

Estefanía Urrutia

24.01.2024 - 09.02.2024

In “About the silence" Estefanía Urrutia presents her most recent body of work in an exhibition that invites us to explore the profound beauty of contemplation and introspection through figurative works reminiscent of the Renaissance era.

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Each canvas serves as a portal into moments of serene silence, where the artist skillfully captures the essence of human emotion and the subtle nuances of expression.

“About the silence” features a collection of portraits that transport viewers to a realm where silence becomes a language of its own. The subjects, rendered with meticulous detail and a keen understanding of light and shadow, emanate a timeless elegance that echoes the classical mastery of Renaissance art.

The artist's adept use of color and composition draws viewers into a quiet dialogue with the artwork, encouraging reflexion and self-discovery. Through the delicate interplay of form and emotion, "About the Silence" becomes a sanctuary for contemplation, allowing spectators to connect with the unspoken narratives woven into each piece.

"About the Silence" offers a respite from the cacophony of the modern world and an opportunity to appreciate the enduring power of silent meditation in art.

Estefanía Urrutia

In her works, Estefanía Urrutia explores silence, stillness, and calmness through subtlety and restraint.

Currently, she lives in Barcelona and is a resident at Piramidón Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

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