Claudio Correa presents «Disolvencia» at Damer House Gallery on Friday September 23, 2022

The short film «Disolvencia» is part of a selection of national and international film and video works that will be presented during 2 weeks at Damer House Gallery, in September 2022, at the Noche de la Cultura and in November at the Loop Festival Barcelona 2022.

In Disolvencia, Claudio Correa presents a series of works that appeal with an ironic gesture to the relationship woven between sports ecstasy, the reduction of celebrity to its idealized image and the critique of mass culture in our contemporary society. Effervescent tablets on which the faces of iconic soccer personalities – legends such as Lionel Messi, Diego Armando Maradona, Gerard Piqué or Cristiano Ronaldo – have been engraved, dissolve in water and simulate the sound emanating from the frenzy of the public shouting in unison for a goal or the victory of their team to slowly melt into the whole.




These tablets are contrasted by a medal of the winged goddess of victory Nike that echoes the military decorations inscribed with the legend «Mission Accomplished» that were awarded during the Chilean dictatorship to civilians and military personnel in recognition of «distinguished service». In this case, the medal rewards the chosen athletes for their ability to maintain that idealized figure at every moment of their movement in front of the scrupulous spectator’s acid gaze.