"Why collect art?" with Luís Bassat

"Why collect art?" with Luís Bassat

1973. Luís Bassat leaves his office after a long day and enters the Adrià Gallery.

That same afternoon. 3 hours later. Luis Bassat buys his second painting and… 35% of the gallery.

From that moment on, his love for art is united with his love for collecting. After 50 years, the result is the Carmen & Luis Bassat Foundation Collection, a private collection of more than 2,500 original works that constitutes one of the most representative funds of contemporary art made in Catalonia during the second half of the twentieth century. Among its collection are works by Mateo Vilagrasa, an artist we have exhibited in Manifiesto de Arte y Libertad / Aforismos.

Why collect?

You can buy your first piece of art for many reasons: for love of art, to make a very special gift, as a possible investment, for taste, for hobby collecting… The list is long, and getting started in art collecting can be, at first, overwhelming. Therefore, it is interesting to listen to an expert voice like Luis Bassat, who will talk about why collecting and how he selects the works and artists. It is a great opportunity to get to know the experience of one of the most important art collectors in the territory.

This talk will take place on May 19, 2023 at LAB36 as pa "The collector is present", the pre-Barcelona Gallery Weekend. Places are limited!

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