"Manifesto sobre arte y libertad/ Aforismos" exhibition tribute to Mateo Vilagrasa

"Manifesto sobre arte y libertad/ Aforismos" exhibition tribute to Mateo Vilagrasa

LAB36 opens the tribute exhibition “MANIFESTO SOBRE ARTE Y LIBERTAD/AFORISMOS” by Mateo Vilagrasa. The exhibition is dedicated to paintings, drawings and sketches, as well as the presentation of the posthumous book of the late artist. The exhibition will be on view at LAB36 gallery, 36 Trafalgar Street, Barcelona, from April 27, 2023.

Mateo Vilagrasa’s book “MANIFESTO SOBRE ARTE Y LIBERTAD/ AFORISMOS” brings together numerous paintings, drawings and sketches. It is the last project that Mateo Vilagrasa carried out before his death. The exhibition was inaugurated with an emotional speech by the artist’s wife, Montse Gomis. She thanked those present for coming to honor his memory and admire his art, which continues to move people. During the same evening, the poet Alex Susanna presented the posthumous book edited and published by the Fundación Mateo Vilagrasa, a limited, numbered edition of 74 copies and handmade, which includes 42 images of original drawings, 9 photographs of the artist and his studio in Poble Nou, and 2 numbered lithographs with the artist’s signature.


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Mateo Vilagrasa had a life dedicated to art. A passion for drawing forged since his childhood and encouraged by those close to him, especially his mother. “She didn’t give me colors, she taught me to paint”, he later wrote in a tribute. After fleeing his country during Franco’s regime, the artist returned to Spain and settled in Barcelona, in an old factory in the Poble Nou neighborhood, where he opened his studio. It was in this studio overlooking the sea that he perfected his art, which acquired a form that could be described as urban. Over time, his painting acquires a monochrome aspect. He handles color with such precision in range and nuance, with such subtlety in rhythm where the search for harmony and light take precedence over sensitivity.


See the works of Mateo Vilagrasa’s exhibition Here

Sagrada familia

200×270 cm


Sol Anacarado
80×100 cm

Los pájaros de Mª del Mar
80×100 cm

The Mateo Vilagrasa Foundation, with the publication of the posthumous book and the opening of the exhibition on April 27, contributes to sharing and disseminating the artist’s work in Spain and around the world. In addition, a documentary on the life of Mateo Vilagrasa Viatge d’hivern was released in 2019. The feature film features the artist sharing his vision on art and life. With Viatge d’hivern the director Anna Sanmartí pays tribute to his memory.

Presentation of the posthumous book

Mateo Vilagrasa’s latest project has a unique quality, a maturity acquired after years of practice that leaves behind an undeniable legacy. Living and inspiring works that attest to his talent and passion for art. A final project that continues to inspire future generations, reminding us of the importance of creativity and personal expression.

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