Vinyl paint on textile composition. 2022. 116X116X4cm.

«In my work I explore the energy, expressiveness and harmony of a composition, of line over background.»

Alicia Gimeno at her studio

«The pieces examine, from pictorial and material observation and experimentation how it can convey lightness as well as strength, balance or chaos, with the core of my work really being a fascination with the possibilities of abstract form and its subtlety in the presentation of sensitive concepts.»

Vinyl painting on textile composition.2022. 100x100X4cm.
Vinyl paint on textile composition.2022. 120X90X4cm
Vinyl painting on textile composition. 2022. 100x100X4cm



From an early age, drawing and painting were relevant in the development of the artist, since during most of her career she has examined the realistic representation from the graphite, pencil, charcoal, etc., to the very end of her career.

She studied in Mexico, in an environment with a main focus on graphic arts, and thus, she was able to train in aesthetics, composition, philosophy of art… After graduating, she studied curatorship, while initiating and directing an artistic project in the city of Puebla de Zaragoza (Mexico).

After three years directing the project he returned to his hometown, where he worked for a curator organizing projects in the Capella and other parts of the city. Subsequently, she worked in the management of Piramidón center d’art contemporani